CS Head Start

Fall 2019


Lo Schiavo Science
Inside view of the LS G12 classroom.

We will be located in the John Lo Schiavo, S.J. Center for Science and Innovation building (commonly abbreviated as “LS” or “CSI”) in room G12. This is a dedicated CS classroom with lab computers available to students without laptops.

Getting to Campus

Public transportation is highly encouraged for students commuting to campus for the head start program. For details on how to get to campus, please see:

Campus Directions
Public Transportation

Alternatively, a limited number of on-campus daily parking permits may be available to purchase for $20 daily. For details, see:

Campus Parking

Other long-term parking options near campus are limited. All permit and time restrictions near campus will be enforced during the head start week.

Getting to LS G12


The LS G12 classroom is located on the "garden level" of Lo Schiavo Science. The classroom can be tricky to find your first time, as it is located partially underground and physically separated from the rest of the Lo Schiavo Science building. If you see a grass lawn with a dragon sculpture/armillary sphere on top, you are in the right area (see photo). That is the green roof of the LS G12 classroom.

To get there, find the entrance going down to the garden level between Lo Schiavo Science and the University Center. Look for the classroom with the green glass wall underneath the dragon sculpture.

You can also find the classroom entrance using the campus map.

CAPTION: In the photo, Lo Schiavo Science is the glass building on the left. The beige building in the back is Harney Science Center. On the right but not depicted is the University Center building. The dragon sculpture/armillary sphere is shown in the front-left. That grass lawn is the green roof of the LS G12 classroom. The pathway on the right going down leads to the garden level of Lo Schiavo Science and the entrance of the classroom.

Getting to Downtown SF

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We will be using public transportation to visit the Exploratorium and Autodesk Gallery in downtown San Francisco for our field trip.

All undergraduate students are eligible for a free SF Muni pass, which allows students to take any of the busses, subways, street cars, and cable cars operated by SF Muni (San Francisco Municipal Railway) for free. We are working to have these passes available in time for use on the field trip.