Community Engaged CS

CS 186-02 • Fall 2020


All instruction for Fall 2020 will be conducted remotely via Zoom. See the USF Remote page for more resources related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

This course provides a structured opportunity for students to learn and participate in the departmental and local technical communities on and off campus. The course features activities including guest speakers from the local tech industry; faculty research talks; presentations by the campus career center and similar organizations; field trips to local meetup events; and opportunities for students to socialize and build relationships with one another.

Classes are livestreamed on Fridays from 1:00pm–2:45pm via Zoom.

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Upcoming Schedule

Week 09
Pre-Lecture Deadlines
Fri 10/16 Lecture

Week 10
Pre-Lecture Deadlines
Fri 10/23 Lecture

Week 11
Pre-Lecture Deadlines
Fri 10/30 Lecture