Career Mentoring and Professional Identity Development

CS 386-01 • Fall 2021

Assignment #1

Due - Wednesday, September, 1, 2021 - 4:45pm

Part 1

This semester you will complete a variety of exercises including personal reflections and other activities designed to help you make the most of your alumni mentor/mentee relationship and build your identity as a computing professional. You will collect your work and the resources you identify in an online portfolio.

Your first assignment is to choose and set up the online tool that you will use to maintain your portfolio. You may use any online platform you prefer as long as it is possible to provide your instructors with a publicly accessible link.


  1. We will require some exercises you complete to be made available publicly. Some exercises, like Part 2 of this assignment, you may wish to make accessible only to your instructors. If that is your preference, you will want to choose a platform that allows you to make some content public and some content accessible only to us.
  2. If you already have a personal website or portfolio you may choose to continue using that platform.
  3. Other options to consider are github and/or github pages, Google Sites, or even Linked In.

These are only suggestions. Choose any tool or platform you will be comfortable using. At the end of the semester, your portfolio should serve as both a repository of resources you have collected and a source that you can consider providing to future employers!

Part 2

Complete the following reflection exercise as the first entry in your portfolio:

Reflection #1


Use the following Google Form to submit a link to your portfolio:

Submit my porfolio!

Make sure that by the start of class on 9/1/2021 you have completed Part 2 of this assignment and your reflection (or a link to a private document containing your reflection) is available on your portfolio.