Career Mentoring and Professional Identity Development

CS 386-01 • Fall 2021


Welcome to CS 386 – Career Mentoring and Professional Identity Development! This course gives students the opportunity to engage with alumni mentors from industry and develop their identities as computing professionals.

Computer science is a broad, diverse field. No matter your background, your hobbies, or your working style, computer science has a place for you. Finding that place and navigating the field may seem daunting at times, but we aim to build a support structure through classmates, peers, teachers, and mentors to make the journey easier.

Classes will be held in HR 435 from 4:45–6:25pm.

Upcoming Schedule

Week 10
Wed 10/27
  • Presentation Prep
Deadlines & Materials

Week 11
Wed 11/03
  • Guest Speaker: Rong Liew
Deadlines & Materials